13 Feb

With the winter season in full swing and our boilers working harder than ever – Sometimes they fail.

Here’s a few things you can check before booking us in hopefully getting you back up and running without having to fork out on a callout charge.

For Both Gas and Oil Boilers –

We would like you to check the following: 

• Is there power to your boiler?

• Is there a reset button lit up or a fault code displayed?

• Have you pressed the reset

• Is it both your heating and hot water not working?

• Is your timer / Controller calling? If Radio Frequency have the batteries been replaced?

Gas Boilers

• Is it icy? If your condensate pipe runs externally this could be frozen – Try pouring warm water on the pipe

• If you have had to press the reset more than twice please fill in our contact form along with the boiler make, model and the fault code which has been displayed to help us once on site.

Oil Boilers

• Have you checked your fuel? If you have a watchman dip the oil tank

• Is it icy? Your oil line may be frozen die to ingress of water

• If you have a fire valve – Check if the reset button is fully depressed

• Is the boiler over heat thermostat tripped? Usually on the underside of the control panel or behind a screw cap

• Is the burner reset light on? If you have to press more than twice Please contact us.

Hopefully that will get a few of you out of the cold – Any questions please click here to get in touch.