System and Controls Check

As we get old so do our heating systems.

There are some checks and upgrades which can be carried out if you are conscious of your heating system becoming less efficient or would like the peace of mind knowing everything is running smoothly.

Our services in this sector include the following;

  • System power flush – Here we help remove all the electro lite build up within the system which builds up in the pipework and radiators which reduces both the circulation and heat transfer efficiency.
  •  Heating circulation pump upgrade – We now install Grundfos ‘A’ rated circulation pumps, depending on the size of your application this can dramatically reduce electrical running costs (figures and examples to be posted soon)
  • Heating Controls upgrade – We mainly use Honeywell controls in our domestic applications, we find them to be the industry standard, adapt to any situation are easy to use and have great features for the consumer.

If any of the above is of interest to you please Contact us.

If you’d like us to come and assess your heating system or you are unsure on the best way to run your system please let us know – were happy to help.